Black Panels - Where Do I Get Them?


Naturally since starting the zine, a question I get asked is “do you know where I can get a black replacement panel for…?” so i’ve compiled a list! The below list is primarily for replacement panels for pre-built modules- there are lots more places to get black panels for DIY-only modules. I've also omitted replacement panels available from manufacturers themselves e.g. WMD, XAOC, Noise Engineering.

If you know of any other places, please let me know and i’ll update the list.

Audio Parasites (Australia)
Offers futuristic, elaborate, decorative panels for:
1010music, ALM, Behringer, Horstronic, Intellijel, Make Noise, Mannequins, Music Thing Modular, Mutable Instruments, Rossum-Electro, Tip Top Audio, Vult, Westlicht, WMD.

Modular Maculata (Australia)
Offers black and gold panels for:
Intellijel, Mannequins, Make Noise.

Jklmnt Modular (Czech Republic)
Mutable Instruments, TINRS, Antumbra, Erica Synths, Northcoast.

Exploding Shed (Germany)
Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, ALM.

Dusty Clouds (Greece)
Black and gold replacement panels for Intellijel, Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Strymon + more. Has distribution in US & Canada too.

Mork Modules (Sweden)
Intellijel, Mutable Instruments, ALM, Orthogonal Devices, Make Noise, Shakmat, Mannequins.

Magpie Modular (USA)
Unique glossy black mirror textured panels for:
4MS, Antumbra, Mutable Instruments, Benjolin, Intellijel, mxmxmx, Make Noise, NonLinear Circuits, Music Thing Modular, Tip Top Audio.

Grayscale (USA)
Clean, utilitarian Make Noise panels. Discontinued but still some in stock.

Oscillosaurus (USA)
Black and gold panels for Mutable Instruments and DIY modules.

Synthcube (USA)
NLC, Magpie Mutable Instruments + loads more panels for DIY modules.

Pusherman Productions (UK)
Mutable Instruments + loads of panels for DIY modules, PCBs, parts, kits, built modules.

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