Secret Messages & PCB Art


Secret messages, mysterious codes, maker's signarture, tiny logos and hidden art. Little touches, attention to detail, inside jokes. What does it all mean? There’s something romantic about these tiny expressions often only seen or noticed once before being concealed inside a case and forgotten about.

Here are a just a handful that I’ve come across but i’d love to know about others. If you have any pics, send them to me and i’ll add them to the collection here.

serpens modular sirius filter pcb showing part of illustraion and astronomical coordinates astronimical coordinates on the PCB of serpens modular antares LFO text on the PCB of X1L3 nihil CB mic module saying you violate a part of me again and again text on pcb of 000 distortion module saying I havent fallen in love for three whole days text on the pcb of 000 distortion saying you know who i am, im the filthiest person alive text on the pcb of befaco rampage saying fire monkey jason lim signature on back of ceis adsr panel illustration and logo on the back of serpens modular ara error instruments logo on the back of PCB of temple delay module Future Sound Systems logo on the side of one of their TG series modules

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